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DailyAdventureBox is the worlds first automated rental locker for a wide variety of outdoor recreational equipment!


We will strive to offer affordable rentals all over the world. We have made an extraordinary effort to create a B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) business model. We help businesses by installing our D.A.B. lockers for free, covering the cost of installation. We pay for equipment, lockers, shipping, and maintenance to help businesses earn passive income and deliver quality customer experiences by offering a unique, fully connected rental locker with the highest-quality equipment. 

Our rental lockers are installed as close to the water or the ski slopes as possible. We want you to show up, unlock the locker, and turn around to your adventure. No more having to haul your equipment in a truck, and no more needing to store gear you bought only to use a few times a year. Leisure is an essential part of our lives; in yesterday's world, you had to go to a rental shop and rent expensive equipment that did not give you many perks. Today, there is DailyAdventureBox, a rental corporation installing thousands of lockers worldwide. Low prices, great equipment, extraordinary customer service, and ADVENTUREPOINTS!

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Shay Putnam

I am currently stationed in Pensacola, Florida for flight training for the United States Marine Corps. I graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelors of Science, Recreation Parks Tourism & Administration in 2019. A few months after I graduated from Sacramento State, I headed to Officer Candidate School and have been through multiple stages of training/schools. 

I grew up in Atwater, California and have always dreamed of becoming someone who has the ability to change the world in some way. I have grown up participating in team sports, individual sports, and student leadership roles. I love this company and hope that it can create a positive impact in some way as we expand. 


Our Story

DailyAdventureBox has been in the works since February 2019. The Founder, Shay Putnam, was completing his last year at Sacramento State University and decided he wanted to rent a Ski Bike with his roommate Diego Velazquez. In order to rent a ski bike, they woke up and drove to a small rental shop near Sierra-at-Tahoe, their local ski resort. When they showed up to the rental shop, they had to take the two ski bikes apart to fit them in their hatchback Chevy Volt. Then, they borrowed some tools from the rental shop to piece the ski bikes back together once they arrived at Sierra-at-Tahoe. From the beginning of their experience renting ski bikes, this was a complete mission.​

But once they rode the ski bikes, it was all worth it. Shay immediately wondered why ski resorts do not rent ski bikes themselves. He grew up on the mountain and had never seen a ski bike for rent. The rental shop they rented the ski bikes from only offered two ski bikes, and they did not even market them. The ski bikes were user-friendly for beginning riders, and riding them was a blast. Rental shops were missing out on a real opportunity, and Shay had an idea. He researched ski bikes and designed a rental locker on CAD/Solid Works. After creating a basic business plan and a rendering of this ski bike locker, he got in touch with the C.E.O. of SkiByk, Chris Schuler.  Seeing the value in autonomous rentals, Schuler asked Shay to build a prototype locker in 30 days to showcase at a SkiByk demo day at Sierra-at-Tahoe. At that time, Shay was taking 23 units, working two jobs, and training for Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps. He took the challenge and showcased a rental locker for SkiByk Ski bikes at Sierra-at-Tahoe on March 9th, 2019. ​


Shortly after the Demo Day, Shay graduated from Sacramento State and went off to O.C.S. to become a Marine Corps Officer. While in training, Shay expanded on his original idea, developing a prototype kayak/paddle board locker. Shay found a friend who would give him $20,000 to build his first lockers and the first phase of app development. 

Every day Shay went to Fosko Coffee Shop in downtown Pensacola to work on business plans and presentations for installation/investment. After completing a presentation, he would walk up to random people in the coffee shop and ask them for feedback. In this way, Shay connected with many local business owners who helped him get his first contract for installation with Innisfree Hotels and his first significant investment from an established local investor.

Shay's focus and dedication to the business shows, and he has plans to make DailyAdventureBox a worldwide rental corporation. He has focused his business on being a win-win for everyone. Helping businesses, helping his members, and helping the environment. 

Right now each of the DailyAdventureBox lockers has some piece/panel/part that is made out of recycled material. As the business expands and we acquire more funding. 100% of the lockers will be made out of recycled material. This is a big goal and will almost certainly increase manufacturing costs. But Shay has mentioned that making an immediate profit is not his goal. He cares more about building a business that is not just for profit. He wants to create a business that has foundation, purpose, and respect for everything. In all areas of DailyAdventureBoxes business plan you can see this being implemented. As DailyAdventureBox expands across the nation I know we are all excited to see what will come for this company and others that are created by its founders.