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Here at DailyAdventureBox we strive to create an globally connected rental experience. Our goal is to install thousands of DAB lockers around the world in hopes to offer an affordable and convenient way to enjoy nature. No more lines, no more automated customer service lines, and no more high priced rentals. Enjoy the outdoors on a budget, without the need of a truck, and with the same feeling as a mom and pop ran rental shop. We are here for you and want you to enjoy everything we have to offer.


Our Story

February 2019 my roommate and I woke up early to rent out 2 ski bikes from a local rental shop down the road from Sierra-at-Tahoe. We pulled up in our 2018 Chevy Volt and found out quickly that the ski bikes would not fit in our small hatchback car. So, we ended up disassembling them in order to fit them into the car because we were determined to ride that day. 

We showed up to Sierra-at-Tahoe and instantly fell in love with ski biking. It was way easier to learn than skiing and snowboarding, it was less impactful on your body, and by the end of the day we were going off of jumps in the terrain park. I could not believe that ski bikes were not offered at any of the ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, Ca. So I immediately started asking myself why these ski bikes weren't rented by ski resorts. My immediate conclusion was that the ski resorts did not have the space to rent them out. I went back to Sacramento State and borrowed my friends engineering lab key. I designed a self automated locker for ski bikes that could be installed at ski resorts that did not have to be managed by staff. People simply rented the ski bike directly from the locker. 

Once I had enough research done, and the CAD designs completed I started to make phone calls and ended up with the CEO of SkiByk on the phone. He loved my idea and gave me 1 month to bring a prototype locker to Sierra-at-Tahoe for a showcase with SkiByk. I only had drawings on paper but I told him I would get it done and see him on the mountain. 

March 9th, 2019 I showed up to Sierra-at-Tahoe with a locker that was an instant hit. I generated over 100 surveys from participants that said they would rent ski bikes from this locker for the price that I was offering. I had a few interested investors and someone interested in manufacturing them all in one day's time. I was excited and motivated to keep this business idea going. From March 9th 2019 to present day June 20th 2021. I have created a business called DailyAdventureBox that has the ability to grow exponentially throughout the world. The ability to rent kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards, skim boards, body boards, ski bikes, tubes, sleds, and more......

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