What is DailyAdventureBox?

DailyAdventureBox is a new innovative contactless rental locker. That will rent out Kayaks, Paddleboards, SurfBoards, SkiByks, BuggyBoards, LongBoards, Jet Ski's, Mountain Bikes, Beach Cruisers, and more! We will be installing these DAB lockers all across the United States in the most convenient locations. The closer to the water the better, the close to the ski resort the better, and the closer to an awesome Mountain Biking trail the better! 

Our Mission

Our mission at DailyAdventureBox is to give customers a grab and go experience that is convenient and affordable with creativity, originality, and ingenuity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to innovate an industry that is stuck in old traditions by offering contactless rental lockers all around the world.

How DAB lockers work