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About Us 

Innovative. Affordable. Convenient. Rentals for kayaks, paddle-boards, surfboards, ski bikes and more!

Here at DailyAdventureBox we strive to give everyone a positive experience when renting equipment. Our goal is to allow customers the ability to download an all-in-one rental app that gives you access to a world of fun and adventure. Our goal is to install 1,500+ DAB rental lockers in the most convenient locations. So you can simply grab and adventure right from the DAB locker. No more trucks to haul equipment, no need to purchase expensive equipment that sits in your garage more than half of the year, and no more spending a ridiculous amount of money for an leisure activity. 


A Message From Our Founder

Read about our journey to this point and what our founder believes is possible for DailyAdventureBox

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At DailyAdventureBox we innovate, cheapen, and inspire your outdoor rental experience
Our Vision
A world where you can be instantly be connected to thousands of DAB rental lockers that are conveniently located, extremely affordable, environmentally friendly, and allow you to enjoy new adventures everyday.