Our Story


February 2019 my roommate and I woke up early to rent out 2 ski bikes from a local rental shop down the road from Sierra-at-Tahoe. We pulled up in our 2018 Chevy Volt and found out quickly that the ski bikes would not fit in our small hatchback car. So, we ended up disassembling them in order to fit them into the car because we were determined to ride that day. 

We showed up to Sierra-at-Tahoe and instantly fell in love with ski biking. It was way easier to learn than skiing and snowboarding, it was less impactful on your body, and by the end of the day we were going off of jumps in the terrain park. I could not believe that ski bikes were not offered at any of the ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, Ca. So I immediately started asking myself why these ski bikes weren't rented by ski resorts. My immediate conclusion was that the ski resorts did not have the space to rent them out. I went back to Sacramento State and borrowed my friends engineering lab key. I designed a self automated locker for ski bikes that could be installed at ski resorts that did not have to be managed by staff. People simply rented the ski bike directly from the locker. 

Once I had enough research done, and the CAD designs completed I started to make phone calls and ended up with the CEO of SkiByk on the phone. He loved my idea and gave me 1 month to bring a prototype locker to Sierra-at-Tahoe for a showcase with SkiByk. I only had drawings on paper but I told him I would get it done and see him on the mountain. 

March 9th, 2019 I showed up to Sierra-at-Tahoe with a locker that was an instant hit. I generated over 100 surveys from participants that said they would rent ski bikes from this locker for the price that I was offering. I had a few interested investors and someone interested in manufacturing them all in one day's time. I was excited and motivated to keep this business idea going. From March 9th 2019 to present day. I have created a business called DailyAdventureBox that has the ability to grow exponentially throughout the world. The ability to rent kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards, skim boards, body boards, ski bikes, tubes, sleds, and more......

Whats Happening Now

Today's date is June 20th, 2021 and I am currently working on:

-  Finding a location to install 2 DAB summer lockers that will rent 2 paddle boards

- Finishing the "DailyAdventureBox" app for IOS/Android (estimated completion July 2nd)

- Initiating Seed Funding round 

- NAS Pensacola installation contract

- Designing skim board locker and body board locker

- Redesigning website

- Actively searching for locations to install 50 DAB lockers for next year May 2022

Future Plans

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2022 - We would like to install 50 DAB lockers. 25 DAB lockers on the East coast and 25 DAB lockers on the West coast. I would like these lockers to have a variety of equipment available for rent. So customers can rent out kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards, and ski bikes through the app. For the West coast installation, we plan on installing 15 of our locker near San Diego, California and 10 DAB ski bike lockers in Mammoth or close connecting mountains to San Diego that locals travel to for winter sports.

2023 - Our plan is to raise enough funding to install 450 more DAB lockers around the United States that offer even more rental options. 

- kayaks - paddle boards - surf boards - skim boards - body boards - ski bikes - sleds - tubes

This year we will establish our brand in the United States and become the market leader for outdoor recreational equipment rentals. We will then expand and grow as quick as possible so everyone can enjoy the outdoors in new ways.


This will be a new and unique thing in the rental industry. Memberships are a common thing in todays society but most memberships offer something in a tangible value that you get shipped to you or that you watch on your free time like Netflix and Hulu. Our memberships allow you more rental options and less restrictions when using the DAB lockers. But more importantly our memberships have purpose and meaning behind them. The more members we earn the cheaper our rental prices will become. This is in hopes of allowing everyone to learn new skills and experience the outdoors in new ways. We also plan on offering DAB Exclusive Member Access; which will allow you to pay an higher monthly fee, in return you wont pay per rental. You can reserve anything, anywhere, and your monthly membership covers your payment. Amazing right?

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Morale, Welfare and Recreation, abbreviated MWR provides a vast number of resources for service members. Leisure is extremely important amongst military members because of the long demanding work hours that are required. In order to help MWR and other resource centers like MWR we plan on partnering with them. With this partnership we will give MWR 100% of our physical rental revenue because our goal is to help give service members options. Our DAB lockers give service members an affordable and convenient option for equipment rentals. Where they do not have to talk to anyone, wait in any lines, or worry about anything. They can just show up to the DAB locker and enjoy their rental. 


For PHASE 2 of our app we plan on implementing AdventurePoints. We will track the number of rentals you have, times, the hours that you've spent on the rentals. Then we will total that number for your AdventurePoints. These points can be used to get free rentals, buddy passes, free apparel, and free equipment.


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Fitness Tracker

For PHASE 3 of our app development we plan on implementing a fitness tracker. As long as you have your phone on you, we will be able to track how many miles you have paddled and estimate calories burned.

Compete Against Friends

Also for Phase 3 of our app. We plan on integrating a little bit of friendly competition. This will allow you to focus on your physical fitness while also being able to know who in your friend group is putting in the work.

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Weather tracker and alerts

We care about your safety and will notify you of incoming storms and rough waters that will make your rental time more dangerous. This will be based on each DAB locker location and you can opt in/out to receive alerts in the app or through text message.