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We are constantly looking for new locations to install our DAB lockers! This is an amazing opportunity for your business to get free marketing, and free monthly revenue with minimal work on your end! We install our DAB locker for FREE and we will sign a trail contract that you can cancel anytime and we will come pick up the DAB locker. But that probably wont happen because DailyAdventureBox will be an amazing success anywhere we install.

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A lot of business's seem defensive about us asking if they want to install our DAB locker. Even though we tell them it is completely free of charge and we will pay them for letting us use a small amount of space. But this is completely true and we need your help and trust in order to allow this business to grow. 
Common Questions from businesses:
Is DailyAdventureBox an official business and do you have all local and state business permits?
- Right now (2021) we are an Wyoming LLC with business license's in California and Florida. As we gain contracts with business's in different states and different counties. We will gain business licenses for the states and counties that we have operations in. We will acquire the needed permits and license's as our installation dates are set and contracts are signed to ensure we follow and abide by all laws.
Does DailyAdventureBox have insurance? Would liability fall under the other business in any way or is all liability under DailyAdventureBox?
- All of the liability falls under DailyAdventureBox because we are the ones that are handling all operations throughout the rental process. When we install our DAB lockers we are considered a tenant to the business that is contracting with us. Which means that all of the liability, work, rent, etc falls under our company and there is no risk to the business granting use/installation of the space. 
Do the DAB lockers need anything specific for installation?
- All of DAB lockers are self powered and can be installed just about anywhere. There are two things that we need in order to ensure that the lockers can function and are safe from theft. 1) Wifi or a 12v outlet near the locker so we can plug in our our business hotspot. This ensures that our Smart Locks that are running the DAB lockers can communicate with our servers. 2) A level surface that we can potentially connect ground anchors to or an supporting beam that we can chain one leg of the locker to. This will ensure that the DAB locker is secure to the ground in some way.
If there are customer service issues, how will DAB handle those? Will my (business contracting) employees need to help people or do anything for DailyAdventureBox?
- All of our customers will have the ability to contact DAB staff and handle all issues that may arise via electronic communication. In most cases we will have a DailyAdventureBox Brand Ambassador in the area that can quickly come to the location and handle any in-person needed issues. But some customers may have questions and might go to a staff member of the adjoining business. In order to ensure your business and staff are treated fair, we will provide a generous monthly payment/rev share. We will also actively communicate with your management to ensure everything is running smoothly and that both parties are enjoying the benefits of having the DAB locker in operation.
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