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Our Team

Shay Putnam

Shay is the Founder of DailyAdventureBox and is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps as a 2ndLt. 

Shay developed the DAB locker starting back in February 2019 while he was finishing his college degree at Sacramento State University. Shortly before attending OCS Shay finished creating the DAB Ski Bike locker MVP that was presented at Sierra-at-Tahoe. This locker was the first ever DailyAdventureBox and from that one locker, the business has grown into a wide variety of rental options. Shay is dedicated to creating an innovative system where customers can enjoy renting equipment with a touch of an button. His goal is to install over 1,500+ rental lockers in the next 3 years in order to allow everyone the opportunity to adventure without worrying about travel, money, or COVID-19. Shay also wants to develop positive relations with existing rental shops, hotels, restaurants, and business's in convenient locations. He is striving to create a business where everyone can benefit from installing a locker, keep existing jobs, and most importantly make use of innovative technology in order to make the customer experience more enjoyable and affordable.

Jan is currently the legal advisor for DailyAdventureBox and helps with any contracts, waivers, and needed legal advise. 

Jan has been working with start-ups for over 10 years and enjoys seeing companies grow into major corporations. Jan has a wide spread of experience in the legal field as well as the beginning start up field that makes him a valuable asset to the team. Jan believes that this business can grow into something comparable to Uber or Jump bikes with a unique market to outdoor recreation. One challenge that Jan believes DailyAdventureBox will experience is in regards to liability. Knowing this we are working hard to develop a system that will mitigate customer liability in the best way possible.

Jan Roos
Legal Advisor
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Chief Marketing Officer

Youtube has been working in it's industry since February 14th, 2005 and helps with a lot of our research and marketing studies.


YouTube has an unique ability to give us a visual learning experience when we need to learn about new systems, editors, legal documents, patents, design, etc. We utilize Youtube's experience almost everyday in order to get a better understanding of business development. YouTube never gets tired of all of our questions and always seems to know someone that is willing to provide a Tutorial about the information we are trying to learn. We hope YouTube stays apart of our team and continues to help us find knowledge connections in new fields. 

Chief Information Officer

Google has been an invaluable asset to the team, always ready to help us when the time comes. Google has been working 24/7 sense September 4th, 1998 and has only became more knowledgable as time progresses. 

Google has created positive relations with just about every client it serves. So Google is able to leverage a wide variety of resources at once. Without Google and its ability to handle a wide variety of questions with precise knowledgable answers. We would have to travel to our city library in order to some how find the information we need. Googles IQ is out of this world, almost non-human. We are lucky that Google chose to be apart of this growing team. We will always need Google in order to improve ourselves and we would not be able to grow as fast without Google.