DailyAdventureBox Rentals

Changing the way people experience outdoor recreational rentals by offering contactless, affordable, and innovative service.

We rent: Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Ski Bikes right now! We also plan to rent Surf Boards, SkimBoards, Long Boards, Jet Ski's, etc!


For those early risers that want to get out and adventure as the sun peaks over the horizon

5:30am - 8:30am



For the every day outdoor enthusiast that wants a short, sweet, and eventful adventure!

9am - 12:30am

1pm - 4:30pm



Want an amazing workout? Want to explore all the surrounding beaches and shores! Or if you simply want a day with the family on the water!

9am - 4:30pm



A perfect rental for a special someone. Stop going to the movie theater or to boring restaurants for date night. Pack a picnic, rent two kayaks, and enjoy quality time together.

5pm - 7:30pm


We offer mostly single seat kayaks which offer an amazing personal experience and challenge depending on what you're looking for. We do plan on offering tandem kayaks soon for specific locations and upon request!


We plan on offering SurfBoards at select beaches that are beginner friendly. We do not want to intrude on some of the bigger, more popular beaches that locals enjoy. So if you have any recommendations please Contact Us


Our paddle boards are mostly created by SUP and will offer an amazing experience on a lake or river. Feel free to bring your pets on them and do some motivated yoga if you think your balance can keep you dry! 


This is by far one of the coolest rentals we plan to offer. Ski biking is growing in popularity and is easier to learn on than ski's and snowboards. It also fits most age's, body types, and wants! Help us get into as many Ski Resorts as possible by Contacting Us today!