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Current Rental Features

Our smart lock is a self powered lock, that is enclosed in the door with a security box. Our smart lock has the ability to alert if the door is closed, open, ajar.

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daily adventure box rental

Grab and Go experience! Simply scan the QR code for the cubby you want to rent from and adventure. Our Skim/Body board lockers will allow you to see what is inside in a new open concept design. The brands of equipment we use will change to give you a different adventure at different locations! (you can put a regular non-linked QR code for a picture if you want)

Unlock/Lock using your phone! After payment, a button will appear on the app for the cubby you rented from. Green means unlocked, Red means locked. You can unlock and lock the locker as many times as you want during your booked rental time. ( Use the picture of us using our phone to unlock the locker.)

sand castle and body board
daily adventure box rental

Returning Equipment! You have to complete the “RETURN RENTAL” process in order to close your rental and not be charged a late fee. Under the unlock/lock button you click “RETURN RENTAL” and complete the return process. Make sure that all equipment rented from cubby is locked in the locker and rinsed off before starting the return process. (We can use the pictures of us washing the equipment off and putting them back into the locker.)

Sustainability Goal! We are in the design and testing phase of making our lockers out of 100% recycled material and eventually creating our own equipment for our lockers that is also made out of recycled material. We want to not only innovate an industry in the recreational field but we aim to create a positive environmental impact for our environment in our journey.

daily adventure box rental
walking on the beach with a skim board and body board

South Bay Co. Bodyboards! In the months of testing we have gone through many body boards that simply can’t hold up against the ocean and rental abuse that the equipment is put through. One brand that we have been very impressed with is the South Bay Co. bodyboard Razzi that we are using right now and plan to use in most of our locations in Florida.

Our goal is to use multiple brands of equipment for everything we offer so you are not getting the same thing over and over again. So please reach out if you have a specific brand of equipment that you love and would like to see in our DailyAdventureBox Lockers across the world! (Use a picture with equipment near the locker.)

skim board and body board
daily adventure box rental

You can choose where you want the lockers installed and how many you will need installed.

Lockers ship collapsed and are assembled on site.

skim boarder
body board

We are able to track any member that does not return the rental and may be in an emergency situation.



Pensacola Locations

  • Holiday Inn, 14 Via De Luna Dr. 32561 Pensacola Beach
  • Hilton, 12 Via De Luna Dr. 32561 Pensacola Beach
  • Hampton Inn, 2 Via De Luna 32561 Pensacola Beach
  • Margaritaville Beach Hotel, 165 Fort Pickens Rd. Pensacola Beach 32561

Orange Beach Locations

  • Hilton Garden Inn, 23092 Perdido Beach Blvd. Orange Beach AL 36561
  • Holiday Inn Express, 24700 Perdido Beach Blvd. Orange Beach AL 36561
  • Hampton Inn and Suites, 25518 Perdido Beach Blvd. Orange Beach AL 36561
  • Best Western, 26032 Perdido Beach Blvd. Orange Beach AL 36561

Panama City Beach Locations

  • Spring Hill Suites, 12513 Front Beach Rd. Panama City Beach 32407
  • Hyatt Place, 15727 Front Beach Rd. Panama City Beach 32413

fort walton Locations

  • Hilton Garden Inn, 1297 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach FL 32548
  • Island Princess, 520 Santa Rosa Blvd. Fort Walton Beach 32548


pick the right sand

The area you choose for sand skimming must have a good sand consistency with some water on top. Shoot for ideally about 1/4" of water. Avoid mushy, sticky and rocky sand as it can affect your practice and make it difficult. It's also good to find a beach that has a slope to it -- this will help immensely.


The faster you run, the quicker you will go on your board and further your slide. Run right behind the board before heading on to the next step. Try to really gain some momentum. Wait until after the shore break.


Holding on to the board with one hand at each end, drop your board flat onto the sand when the wave starts to reach the wet sand (some experts describe this as the "white bubbles" of the wave).


Step on the board, as you do when you are sliding on the hardwood floor with your socks! Step lightly with the non-dominant foot in front of the middle of the board, with your feet turned a bit sideways. Do your best to maintain your balance, while maintaining the positions of both your front foot and back foot.

learn TO bodyboard

step one

Find an open area of water with few people nearby.

step two

Apply the leash to either right or left wrist.

step three

Enter into the ocean about waist deep or where the waves are breaking.

step four

Lie on the bodyboard with your chest positioned in the upper second half of the board.

step five

Hold onto the nose of the board and kick with your feet when the wave starts to get steep.

step six

Now riding the wave. Aim the board towards the beach and enjoy the ride.


Very convenient! Staff is very personable, informative, and dedicated.

- Alisha R. | Pensacola Beach, FL

Talk about convenience!! Not only is everything clean, well serviced, and family friendly, it's affordable too! I highly recommend Daily Adventure Box for anybody wanting a memorable experience! Customer service is readily available at a moments notice so enjoy your time stress free!

- Andres R. | South Portland, ME

I can tell he cares about his service. It is one of those rare things you might find. One if the hardest working people I know!

- Jesse E. | Sacramento, CA

Future Features

skim boarder illustration

Right now we are still in the research and development/testing phase of the business. Making sure that every aspect of our lockers and business model is ready for expansion across the country and eventually the world. We have major plans in the works that will create an amazing experience that has never been seen in the recreational community to date. We can’t wait to change the industry for the better and help the environment in the process. Keep up to date with our endeavors as we grow by following us on social media and frequently visiting our website. We wont send you any emails, we are an adventure company that wants to get you outside limiting connection to the outside world. We will do so by using technology to our advantage but once you unlock our locker, you can put your phone away and escape the chaotic world we live in.

skim boarder illustration