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paddle boards

Enjoy our user-friendly Glide Paddle Boards on the beach, on a lake, or on the river.

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skim board


Skim board on the beach with our high quality and durable skim boards used by professionals.

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Body BOarding

Crush the waves with our sleek, durable, and beginner friendly body boards!

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ski bike


Rent the #1 selling ski bike in North America the SkiByk SB100! It's easier to learn than skiing.

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Body Board


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Ski Bike

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about our lockers

Customize your locker

Lockers can be customized since they are manufactured upon demand. You can chose where you want the lockers installed and how many you will need installed. Once we gather that info we will get a quote from our manufacturer and get 3d renderings created.

Smart lock

Our smart lock is a self powered lock, that is enclosed in the door with a security box. The security box surrounding the lock can be insulated and has anti-theft bolts to ensure no one can tamper with the lock in any way. Our smart lock has the ability to know if the door is closed, open, ajar, and will notify our app if the member did not properly shut the door.


AI software will compare a generic image taken by our staff that shows the equipment is returned and locked properly. Similar to  photo confirmation that electric bikes and scooters use.

Equipment gps tracking

The long-lasting GPS tracker will be used to track lost/stolen equipment. We will also be able to track any member that does not return the rental and may be in an emergency situation.

Weather integration

Using API integration of major weather tracking companies will allow us to notify customers about changing weather patterns and future weather patterns. It will also allow us to lock the lockers and refund customers if hurricanes or severe storms arrive during a reserved rental time.

Shipping Logistics

Lockers ship collapsed and are assembled on site.

Recycled materials

Our lockers will be made out of 100% recycled materials, and our equipment will eventually be manufactured out of recycled ocean plastic found and collected by "The Ocean Clean Up". Our goal is to implement recycled materials into our locker designs. Right now we are using recycled plastic for the flooring/shelves of out summer lockers and the track for the ski bike locker.



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Completed Rentals

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our team


Hanson Bridget LLP
Jan Roos - Legal Advisor
Cameron Law - West Coast Advisor
Willis Mullet - Investor &
Patent Advisor

Ronnie Umbright

Customer Service

Shay S. Putnam



Hanson Bridget LLP
Jan Roos - Legal Advisor
Cameron Law - West Coast Advisor
Willis Mullet -
Investor & Patent Advisor

Ronnie Umbright

Customer Service

Shay S. Putnam


timeline + goals


In February 2019 my roommate Diego and I decided to rent out two ski bikes from a local rental shop 30 minutes away from our local ski resort. We had to wake up early to ensure we were the first people at the rental shop because the rental shop only rented out 2 ski bikes. We successfully showed up on time and were able to rent the 2 ski bikes.
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Once we finished the paperwork, we realized that the ski bikes were not going to fit in our car. So we ended up taking the ski bikes apart, borrowed some tools from the rental shop and reassembled the ski bikes at the ski resort. I kept asking myself why the ski bikes were not rented at ski resorts. I came up with the conclusion that ski resorts did not have the space to offer ski bike rentals.

making the

The following day I borrowed my friends engineering lab key and over a week I designed a rental locker that ski resorts could purchase in order to rent ski bikes.
daily adventure prototype box
I made multiple phone calls and ended up speaking with the CEO of SkiByk. I told him about my idea and I asked him if I built this locker for ski bike, would he like to partner in order to get into every resort around the nation. He loved the idea and asked me if I could have a locker built in less than 30 days. I ended up completing the locker just in time.

testing the

During the demo day, we had over 100 surveys completed by skiers and snowboarders that wanted the locker offered at the resort as soon as possible. I had people coming up to me for manufacturing, and sales and at that, moment I really knew I had something. I ended up creating other lockers that offered kayaks, paddle boards, and surf boards.
daily adventure prototype box


After filing for a utility patent, designing the logo, filing for a trademark, creating an LLC, and putting together a business plan, I arrived in Pensacola, Florida in April 2021.
pensacola beach
Since then I have managed to gain a contract with Innisfree hotels who own and operate over 15 hotels from Orange Beach to Panama City Beach. They are brand sponsors for Holiday inn, Hilton, and Marriott which will help us gaining an experience contract with those three major hotel names. I have also raised a little over $200,000 in our Pre-Seed raise which has assisted me in manufacturing 2 ski bike lockers, and 1 skim board/body board locker. These lockers will be our test lockers for both seasons.

App Published
to App Store

February 04, 2022

The app needs to be tested and insured that it is fully capable of handling the operational needs for this first locker installation on Pensacola Beach.

Holiday Inn

April 01, 2022

This is when we begin operations to the public. After testing and debugging we will install the locker on Pensacola Beach, 1 week prior to operations. We will test the locker on the pool deck for 1 week in order to ensure it is working.

Lazy Days 1st
Hosting Test

We will begin working with Lazy Days Beach Rental Service and start the plan for hosting their rentals on our app.

Official Seed
Funding Begins

After we have had operations and gathered valuable statistic on our locker located at Holiday Inn and with the gathered interested rental shops wanting to be hosted on our app. We will begin our raise.

behind the movement

I am currently stationed in Pensacola, Florida for flight training for the United States Marine Corps. I graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelors of Science, Recreation Parks Tourism & Administration in 2019. A few months after I graduated from Sacramento State, I headed to Officer Candidate School and have been through multiple stages of training/schools.

I grew up in Atwater, California and have always dreamed of becoming someone who has the ability to change the world in some way. I have grown up participating in team sports, individual sports, and student leadership roles. I love this company and hope that it can create a positive impact in some way as we expand.

shay and ronnie skiing



Ronnie Umbright

Installation/ Maintenance / Customer Service

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ski bike daily adventure boxski bike daily adventure boxkayak daily adventure boxpaddleboard daily adventure box


Future implementation of accessible equipment is a definite goal we are going to achieve. We are currently getting a team together that has industry specific knowledge in order to provide the right equipment and implement the proper procedures for use. No matter your ability status or level, we will do our best to provide equipment at each location that will allow anyone to adventure!

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