Adventure Awaits!

Introducing "DailyAdventureBox" the worlds first automated rental locker. Our DAB lockers rent kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards, ski bikes and more. It's time we innovate an industry that is stuck in traditional norms. 

In order to RESERVE RENTALS you have to download our app!

How it works!

1. Download IOS/Android App
2. Find your rental
3. Reserve your rental
4. Show up and Adventure!



All of our DAB lockers are self powered and can be installed just about anywhere. They also hold all essential rental items in each cubby (Life Jackets, Paddle's, etc). 

Install a DAB locker for free! We give you - - -
Revenue Share. Monthly Rent.
Theres no catch! If you have a business near the water or near a ski resort. We will install our DAB lockers for FREE! No work is required on your behalf and all liability will be on DailyAdventureBox not on you! Seems crazy right? Let's tell you how we are able to do this!
Don't worry. We aren't seasonal. 
You can't tell me that you do not want to try and ride this bike... I don't care if you are an avid snowboarder/skier, have knee injuries, or are just getting a bit older. This SkiByk ski bike will change your world. I'm speaking from experience. It's literally what made me think about this business and create DailyAdventureBox. If you have not tried riding one of these yet, please for your sake and mine. Choose this adventure, I promise it'll be fun!

"My vision is to install thousands of DAB lockers around the United States. So you can simply go on your phone, see all the kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards, or ski bikes near you. Then, it's up to you. What will your adventure be?"

Shay Putnam - Founder

Our Apparel! 
As we grow we plan to sell apparel that will aid your adventure. Right now we have a small selection of apparel that will show your support for our amazing business. Every item that is purchased helps us get that much closer to our vision. Show your support and order some awesome gear!